How to join IFCR

Each of the main member countries operate their own membership list and you should apply to them in the first instance:


Doug King

One year fee AUD 15
Five years fee AUD 60,
Life Time Membership fee AUD 100

Click here for the Aus 2015 Application Form


Chittranjan Chaudhary

Tamil Nadu Chapter – Joining fee R1000 and annual fee per year R2000

Andhra Pradesh Chapter – Joining fee R1000 and annual fee per year R1000

Karnataka Chapter – No fee

Gujarat Chapter – No fee

West Bengal Chapter – No fee

Kerala Chapter – Joining fee R500 and annual fee R500

Telangana Chapter – Joining fee R1000 and annual fee R1000

Bengaluru Chapter – No fee

Mumbai chapter – annual fee R500

New Zealand

One year fee NZD 20

Click here for the NZ Membership Application form.

Sri Lanka

Chathurka Wickramasinghe

One year LKR 500
Annual fee LKR 1000

Great Britain and Ireland

Norman Brown
One year fee GBP 5
Life membership GBP 25

You can access the GB&I Membership Application 2015 here.


Rtn. Sajid Pervaiz Bhatti

Joining fee USD 50 and annual fee PKR 2500

South Africa

Rusty Barnes

Life membership R 100

Click here for the the South African  application form

For all other countries application should be made to:

KRP Sarathy