Gerald Anderson

Mike Jackson’s tribute to Gerald Anderson

Gerald AGerald Anderson was unique in the Rotary and IFCR World and yet he was just like the rest of us.

He was unique in his exploits on the field. His tenacious batting made him very difficult to dislodge from the crease. The unbeaten 50 he scored in Perth in 2002 was, I am sure, one of his proudest IFCR moments.

His fielding was a painful joy to behold. A joy because of his enthusiasm to get behind the ball and stop it, painful for us to watch as the ball thundered into his shins because the back did not bend quite so well. Only relieved by Gerald’s smiling face as he revealed the shin pads buried beneath his socks.

And those same pads were often called into play when he volunteered to stand behind the stumps. Why use your gloves when your shins could do?

I had the pleasure of working with Gerald from 1997. After the first IFCR Festival Gerald took over the financial reins I had held. Over the next 13 years he and I worked on arranging tours and festivals which were always a financial success.

Expert manipulation of the currency exchange markets, hard bargaining with suppliers of travel facilities and a keen eye for financial detail ensured that we were able to deliver good value to the participating Rotarians and donate sums to other good causes, particularly Polio.

And Gerald was just like us in his love of all things Rotary and all things IFCR. The fellowship that both things give to us was also one of Gerald’s great loves.

I feel sure that when I join him in our final resting place I hope I will be able to continue enjoying his pleasant company both on and off the field.