7th WRCF at Vapi 2012

AC Vapi VipulR I Fellowship Chairman Rtn. Mike Jackson from Great Britain along with IFCR ( International Fellowship of Cricketing Rotarian) world chairman PDG David Horsley from Australia, IFCR India Chairman Kittu and festival Convener PP Vipul Patel along with Rtn.Bharat Gajjar, Rtn.Ketan Patel and Rtn. Praful Achraya organised the 7th IFCR between February 19th and 24th of 2012 at Vapi/Daman, India.

Acccording to RI world president, Kalyan Banerjee, “We are an organisation of service-minded individuals around the world who are working to make the world a better place with our efforts in water and sanitation, basic education and literacy, maternal and child health, disease prevention and treatment, economic and community development, fellowships and peace and conflict resolution.

When Rotary fellowship is combined with gentlemen’s passion of cricket, you provide true international friendship with pleasure”.

It was a unique opportunity for Rotarians from across the world who share a common passion for the game of cricket as well as making world Rotarians more united in the search for world understanding through fellowship of games with service to society.

Of all the vocational and recreational fellowships of Rotary, cricket is the only one that is a true team game. It provides a unique opportunity for Rotarians from across the world who share a common passion for the game of cricket.

During February.2012 Indian Rotarians have had the privilege to host the event at Vapi / Daman. The teams and members, some 225 in all, from U K, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and various parts of our country (Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Namakal, Mumbai, Gujarat ) enjoyed the games of cricket at the different grounds.

The Rotary cricket fellowship has given us all an opportunity to “Believe in What you Do and Do What you Believe In” to Lead the Way in the world as one Big Family.

My late father PDG Vishnu Patel (R C Vapi , Charter Secretary ) had sowed the seeds in our minds for the IFCR festival being organised at Vapi / Daman. Now his dream has come true due to efforts of IFCR members of Mumbai North West, Daman and Vapi. Our IFCR committee members had created the true team planning for each and every one to enjoy as well as create more friends across the Globe.

The cricket matches were played at four different grounds between the various teams in the true spirit of World Understanding for Peace and exchange of fellowship rather than simply winning the game. Rotary Fellowship was true winner.

Ind Vapi Photo 8The ladies of the members had a true taste of Indian culture by performing Indian dances. They also enjoyed art work ( Indian Mendhi ) on their hands and gained a basic understanding of Indian curries and cuisines.

We also had the opportunity to celebrate the birthday of Rotary International on 23rd February during the course of the festival with cake cutting and celebrations on 22nd evening till the clock ticked past midnight. Do enjoy and have faith in our Rotary International President Kalyan Banerjee’s Theme “Lets Reach Within to Embrace Humanity” through cricket fellowship.

We had former cricketer Vinod Kambli as chief guest for the opening ceremony. The chief guest also supported the cause of Polio Immunization by coming to the R C Vapi ( R I President’s Club ) Healthcare Project on 19th Feb. 2012.

The festival was a great success as over 225 members from around the globe had the opportunity to visit the Rotary International President’s Club, District and projects of Healthcare and Education.

True International Cultural as well World Understanding for Peace through cricket fellowship was the mantra of the festival. The biggest achievement was to get 7 different countries’ Rotary members to enjoy fellowship and contribute to the future service projects by raising funds in excess of USD20,000.


Drummers at the opening

Ind Vapi Photo 14

Celebrating 50th wedding anniversary