Nashik Festival – November 2017

IFCR-India Tournament/ World Mini Festival at Nashik Nov 2017

By any measure the Nashik tournament (competitive) combined with a mini World Festival was a resounding success.

Nashik combined the experiment of holding a mini festival halfway between Christchurch and Melbourne with a competitive tournament.     Its success can be measured by a total attendance exceeding 270 Rotary cricketers playing in 4 festival teams and 16 tournament teams.

The festival section included teams from Bangladesh, Mumbai veterans, Chennai veterans and Combined India veterans while the tournament section included teams from many and varied parts of India.

Sarathy, Vipul and RGAfter an impressive Opening function cricket games were played on Friday 17th November and the following Saturday and Sunday.   The tournament section had all teams playing on the first two days with the eight most successful teams playing on the third day to resolve positions 1 to 8 – Kumbakonam team  won the tournament.   The 4 festival teams played each other on a round-robin basis over the three days.

Three wise men

Six grounds were used – some with large boundaries and some with smaller boundaries.

The week was greatly enhanced by the presence of 25 Bangladeshis and 2 Nepalis.   (Organisers believe that a sizeable contingent from Sri Lanka would have been present if RI president Ian Riseley had not been visiting their country at the same time).

Hotel accommodation at the Express Inn was most acceptable.

The difficult task of transferring registrants between Mumbai and Nashik via a 4 hour road journey seemed to have been completed to the satisfaction of all.   Chief organiser Tushar Chavan is to be congratulated for his contribution to the success of the week.